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People dedicated to challenging the spread of global corporations that are undermining democracy and truly open and competitive entrepreneurial marketplaces.

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It's not communism or capitalism that's eating away humankind. No, it's corporatism, the unrestrained growth of power held by global corporations beyond the control of democratic governments that is eating away much of humankind's dignity and personal wealth. Corporatism uses national governments, international organizations, academia, the media and its growing independent military power to subjugate 99.9 percent of humankind to the will of 0.1 percent of humankind. This includes not just everyday people but as well entrepreneurial businesses and innovators who can offer both better jobs and a better way of life for everyone.

Who is the enemy of corporatism? Pretty much anyone and anything that would stand in their way. Corporatists want nothing and no one to resist their power. Anywhere. At any time. In other words, chances are pretty good that you're their enemy.

Help the world to fight back against corporatism by contributing articles and seeds to this group which expose their efforts to subjugate global, national and local institutions to their will - and how people can fight back against corporatism effectively.